Featuring the Trump-Kim Burger, Wolf Burgers' Burger For World Peace, Cowboy Kimchi Burger, the El Trump Taco and more

Celebrating the arrival of US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in to the country, Singapore has created food fusions inspired by the summit.

As reported by the Straits Times, Singapore’s food industry is celebrating and capitalising on the Trump-Kim summit in their country by creating unique food fusions.

Trump and Kim are currently in Singapore to negotiate the reduction of North Korean nuclear arms in what is being described as a “historic summit”.

Over 16 food and beverage outlets including hawker stalls have created unique fusions to mark the historic event.

Jin Ji Teochew Braised Duck & Kway Chap’s owner Melvin Chew is offering the $6 Kimchi Donald Duck Donburi until 30 June.

Kimchi Donald Duck Donburi from Jin Ji Teochew Braised Duck & Kway Chap

Bakery chain The Pine Garden’s USA.NK Bread and Cake has created a ‘USA.NK’ cake that features soft egg white sponge, tart Korean yuja curd, strawberry and cheesecake mousse, and pop rocks.

USA.NK Cake from The Pine Garden

OSG Bar + Kitchen’s Harmony Nasi Lemak is offering the Trump-Kimchi dry aged beef nasi lemak. The dish combines American dry-aged beef with kimchi, intentionally served with Chinese chopsticks to represent the leaders coming together in Singapore.

“It wasn’t intentionally created for the summit, but we did take inspiration from it,” said Mr Wen who created the dish. “We also want to leverage on it to spread harmony and make the dish a meaningful one.”

The Trump-Kimchi Dry Aged Beef Nasi Lemak from Harmony Nasi Lemak

Burger joints have also explored their creativity by offering unique burgers inspired by the summit. Royal Plaza is offering a Trump-Kim Burger with minced chicken, seaweed and kimchi patty, served with Korean rice rolls and fries.

Wolf Burgers presents a Burger For World Peace with bulgogi marinated shabu brisket, kimchi mayonnaise, Korean-style pickled radish, caramelised onions and American sharp cheddar.

Dallas Restaurant & Bar has created a buttermilk chicken burger with kimchi, served with crispy fries and housemade coleslaw.

Old Satay Club Mee Goreng stall No. 4 offers a Trump-Kim Peace Burger with a beef patty, cheese and kimchi, served with nachos and spicy tomato salsa.

Sinfonia Ristorante at the Victoria Concert Hall is offering The R.W.B. or “red, white and blue” that features a Japanese wagyu steak topped with caviar, served alongside a deep-fried chicken slider, aioli sauce and sweet chilli sauce.

Lucha Loco is also offering the e El Trump Taco, which includes a beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce, chipotle ketchup, pickles. The restaurnat also offers The Rocket Man Taco that includes Korean fried chicken, spicy dressing and pickled white radish.

The El Trump Taco and The Rocket Man Taco from Lucha Loco

Bars have also capitalised on the theme. Empire Sky Lounge offers World Peace Bombs as well as cocktails such as the Whisky Trump, a whisky-based cocktail. The bar also offers The Rocket, a Campari-based red cocktail.

Hopheads Bar is offering Bromance drinks made with diet coke, tequila, Asahi black and white grape soju. Gastropub Escobar offers a blue, bourbon-based “Trump” cocktail and red soju “Kim” cocktail whilst

Bar-Roque Grill  features Bourbon Old Fashioned and Soju Mojito cocktails. Chef Stephane Istel says: “We wanted to commemorate the summit as it’s a major historic event taking place in Singapore. It’s already generating such a buzz that is sure to have everyone talking even after it’s over.”