“They steal our food, our money and our jobs"

A video of a woman telling an Asian American couple to “go back to their country” is making its rounds on Facebook.

As reported by Raw Story, Danika Aquino posted the video on Facebook that showed her friend Jenny Veladera being harassed in a San Francisco supermarket called Lucky Supermarket.

“Earlier today our close friends went to our local Lucky supermarket store in Daly City & as they were checking out this old racist, disgusting hag was behind them harassing them and making racist comments towards them,” Aquino wrote in her Facebook post. “This is exactly what America has turned into and we need to put a stop to people like her !”

In the video, the woman is heard blaming Asian Americans for her problems.“They steal our food, our money and our jobs,” she says.

In response, the Asian American husband says, “we got a family to feed.”

“So what! Go back to your country,” the woman replied. “You’re lying, just how you got here.”

Towards the end of the video the husband is heard telling the cashier to deny the racist woman service.