“You always had my back, no matter what'

Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim has written a letter to her mother Boran Yun Kim for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on 13 May 2018. To mark the occasion, Olympic snowboarder and gold medalist Chloe Kim has written a letter to her mother Boran Yun Kim.

In a short feature for ESPN,  Kim is seen at reading her letter out load for Mother’s Day. Unbeknownst to her, her mother is upstairs watching her daughter through a screen.

“I remember you taking me to breakfast early in the morning before school, even when you were tired from late-night shifts from the night before,” Chloe said. “You always had my back, no matter what.”

“You always put family first,” she continues. “When i got sick you always knew what to do. when we go through rough times we work together to figure it out. you’re my best friend.”

Kim recalled how her mother would prepare meals for her and her father. “When dad and i would go on on trips, you’d always pack our favourite meals, even if that meant you would stay up late cooking so we would be happy on our trips.”

“But when you started coming on trips with us, we made the best memories together,” she added.

Kim went on to express her appreciation for her mother’s involvement in her career. “After my run at the Olympics, I was so excited to see you, just to say, ‘Look, Mama, we did it,’” she said.

“You’re my partner in crime, I can tell you anything and I’m so lucky to have a mother like you.” Kim concludes, just before her mother runs down to giver her a hug.