"Because I'm a girl, I really didn't think he would attack me"

A man in Australia has been jailed for attacking Asian people.

According to News.com.au, 25-year-old Shai Jevan Lewis has been arrested for a racially motivated rampage, targeting Asian people.

The incident occurred on Thursday night at the Avoca Street and Belmore Road shopping areas in Randwick, Sydney.

Inspector Aaron Wunderlich said Lewis targeted people of Asian background in “unprovoked and random” attacks. “It’s completely against community standards – these allegations are very, very serious,” he said.

Victims included women and elderly people, including a 70-year-old man.

9 News reports that a young woman, whose identity was kept anonymous, was attacked after Lewis attacked an Asian couple and another Asian man.

“Because I’m a girl, I really didn’t think he would attack me,” she said.

When she tried to run, Lewis hit her from behind and knocked her to the ground before kicking her multiple times.

“He punched my face at first,” she continued. “I remember he used his knee and I fell on the ground. I was covering my head, I was making my body as small as possible.”

“I couldn’t even say ‘help’, I was screaming and he was kicking me,” she added.

“If he was here, I would cut his balls,” she said. “You have no balls, you’re attacking a woman.”

Although the woman did not suffer any broken bones, she remained in hospital until 3.30am.

The woman has been in Australia since October 2017 and this is the first incidence of racism she has experienced in the country.

Lewis was charged with three counts of reckless grievous bodily harm and four counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He was remanded in custody and ordered to undergo a mental health assessment by Waverley Local Court.