"Who decided that the streak of colored hair makes Asian girls cool?"

A character in Deadpool 2 is being criticised for having an ‘Asian hair streak’.

According to Insider, Marvel’s latest film Deadpool 2 is being criticised for a character having an ‘Asian hair streak’.

The ‘Asian hair streak’ cliche is described by Insider as an Asian character having a “streak of neon dye in their hair to signal that they’re rebellious”.

Character Yukio, played by Japanese-Australian actress Shiori Kutsuna, only has a few lines in Deadpool 2 and is presented with pink streaks in her black hair. Yukio is the girlfriend of Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and also had dyed red hair when played by Rila Fukushima in 2013’s The Wolverine.

Twitter user @nerdyasians brought the issue to light by tweeting, “it’s time for western media to drop the idea that asian girls need neon streaks of color in their hair to stand out.” A collage of Asian characters with streaks in their hair was attached to the tweet.

Many responded in support. “This is so weird like why is this even a thing lol who decided that the streak of colored hair makes asian girls cool,” tweeted one user.

Another responded, “we’re here talking about how American media refuses to create complex Asian female characters and would rather just slap on a purple streak”.

One user criticised how insignificant the character was made out to be, “Yukio was even worse than usual because her main purpose was to wave “Hi!” in a ditzy way to Deadpool, and that she’s someone’s girlfriend.”

However, some argued that the ‘Asian hair streak’ cliche was not a big deal. “We have officially run out of things to complain about,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I hate this world sometimes we make the biggest things out of nothing and ignore the actual big thing like they’re nothing,” wrote another.