"I’m literally shaking right now as I’m posting this video"

A woman has been filmed in California hurling racist abuse at an Asian American mother.

In a Facebook post, Sandra Lee posted two short video clips showing a woman in a car shouting racist abuse at her.

Lee was with her children in the car when the woman pulled up in the wrong lane trying to turn right. The woman is seen in her car behind the wheel holding up her middle finger.

She is heard shouting, “go back to your country bitch! Bye China!” A male passenger is heard laughing.

The incident occurred in Half Moon Bay near San Francisco.

“I’m literally shaking right now as I’m posting this video,” Lee wrote in her post. “I’m beyond furious knowing that my kids had heard all the swearing and what racism is like.”

“I’m so sad to see such a hatred around our country,” she continued. “It was just last week when a friend of mine went through something similar.”

Lee went on to write that she has since had a talk with her 5-year-old child who was in the car at the time. “I have been telling my child to walk away if there is trouble near by,” she wrote.

“I really hope that this video along with rest of other similar videos will teach these people that there are consequences and hopefully SHUT them up.”

Although the video is quite blurry, it appears that the licence plate of the woman’s car is 7UKC266. She is yet to be identified.