“It is my big fault that I could not control my emotions”

Korean Air has suspended Cho Hyun-min for an alleged violent outburst at a meeting.

Cho Hyun-min, the daughter of a Korean Air chairman, has been suspended from the company after an angry outburst at a business meeting, according to The Guardian.

In an incident now being named ‘water rage’, Cho allegedly threw a cup of water at an advertising agency official. The incident occurred last month.

Cho, 35, apologised on Facebook, claiming her passion for commercials triggered her.

“I apologise for my foolish behaviour,” she said. “It is my big fault that I could not control my emotions.”

Korean Air claims Cho threw the water on the floor, not towards the official’s face. Police are looking into the matter to determine if Cho’s actions constitute physical assault.

Cho is the younger sister of Korean Air vice president Cho Hyun-ah who threw a tantrum in 2014 over how macadamia nuts were served to her in first class. She allegedly used abusive language, threw documents, ordered stewards to kneel for forgiveness and ordered the plane to turn around. The incident was named ‘nut rage’.

Both women are daughters of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho.