There was no fowl play behind the explosion

KFC Hong Kong’s newest adverts cleverly use fire to represent their flaming hot fried chicken.

Media company Ogilvy Hong Kong has hatched a series of adverts for KFC, aimed at rustling a few feathers. As part of KFC Hong Kong’s Hot and Spicy campaign, the adverts are making people both impressed and peckish.

One advert features a space shuttle taking off, leaving behind clouds of fried chicken instead of smoke. A rocket-powered race car is seen in the second advert, also shooting off in a cloud of fried chicken. We’re not sure why the car needs such strong propulsion, perhaps it was just trying to get to the other side.

The final advert features a group of Power Rangers posing in a fearless stance in front of an explosion/fried chicken. It is unclear what the group just blew up, but we assume it’s for a heroic cause. If you want to make an omelet, you’ve got a to break some eggs.

Earlier this month, KFC Malaysia changed its logo to ‘Claudia Sanders’ to celebrate International Women’s Day.