Juliana Posman lost £1.3million in a day

A husband has been left bankrupt after his Indonesian wife gambled away £3,500,000.

According to the Daily Mail, Christopher Forte was left bankrupt after his wife Juliana Posman gambled away £3.5 million.

Forte met Posman in 2010 and the couple were married within a month.

Posman has been working in England since she was 20. She had worked in the Grosvenor Hotel in London, where she met businessmen Isaac Kaye and Warren Roiter.

Forte was teaching English as a foreign language in Brighton and Posman was earning £90,000 a year commission from a credit and law firm.

Posman would also earn £500 on spread betting websites per day, whilst only making losses of around £200. She often gambled on movements in the exchange index the DAX.

However, her losses began to amount; Posman lost £1.3 million in one day.

Posman needed to show assets of £5 million to get a visa and began asking her husband and parents for loans.

Forte said, “In retrospect it was absolute rubbish. I’m British, she was my wife, and we could have got her a legitimate visa for a couple of thousand. But I didn’t realise that – I was in love. I would wake up and she’d be in tears, saying “I need another £15,000”.

“She’d be crying as she asked me if I could raid my savings, sell my Premium Bonds, or ask my parents. If I asked any questions she’d get more upset, say I didn’t trust her, and walk out saying “You don’t want me any more”.”

Forte loaned his wife £45,000 and his parents gave her £131,330. Roiter and Kaye also lent her £2.5million.

It turned out that Posman gave her brother £750,000 to her brother and £250,000 to her parents. She also lost several million spread betting.

Posman agreed to pay Forte the £169,000 when the couple divorced in August. She also agreed to paying his parents at a rate of £1,700 a month.

Declaring bankruptcy, Posman failed to make the repayments.

“Gambling addiction is one of the worst because of the damage it does families,” Posman said. “She didn’t marry me for my money, but maybe she saw I was a soft touch. She doesn’t deserve a visa.”