“He’s the most important person in my life”

A Chinese woman has taken photos with her grandfather so he won’t miss her big day.

SCMP reports that 25-year-old Fu Xuewei arranged a photoshoot with her 87-year-old grandfather after he suffered his second stroke in two years in 2017.

Doctors warned her to prepare for the worst as her grandfather had a long history of heart disease. “He has been a frequent visitor to the hospital since last September,” Fu said.

Fu explained her grandparents played important roles as she was growing up because her divorced parents were busy with work when she was in primary school.

“He’s the most important person in my life,” Fu said about her grandfather. “I don’t have any plans to get married now, but I want my future children and loved ones to remember his face.”

“He spoiled me and gave me all the things I wanted. I can’t imagine the day when he is not here.”

In order to “to express my love for grandpa in all kinds of ways”, Fu had a portrait of her grandfather tattooed on her right arm. Although she gave up after four hours into the process because it was too painful, she plans to complete it soon.


Fu’s grandfather had always wanted to see her become a bride. Fearing that he would not see that day as she had no imminent plans of tying the knot, Fu organised a photoshoot with her grandfather in which she wore a wedding dress.

Fu Senior said he was fully supportive of the idea, “she wanted [the photos], so we just went. Her parents were divorced, so I wanted to make up for it.”