"Chris Gunter is the best player"

Wales fans in China have expressed their love for defender Chris Gunter.

In a short clip shown by the BBC, fans of the Welsh football team have expressed their adoration of defender Chris Gunter.

Wales is set to play against China next Tuesday as part of the China Cup.

In anticipation for the team’s visit, the BBC caught up with fans of the team who surprisingly chose Chris Gunter as their favourite Welsh player, not Gareth Bale.

“Of course Chris Gunter,” one fan responded when the BBC interviewer asked who their favourite player was.  “Chris Gunter is the best player. He’ll win his 86th cap in the China cup. He’s a legend.”

The fan even spent three hours a day for two months drawing a picture of the Welsh defender.

“I support Chris Gunter a lot,” she continued. “For this China Cup we follow the team from the beginning until the end.”

The fan explained that not many people support Wales in China, but those that do are true fans.

“Many people will choose teams like Germany or France,” she explained. “For them they don’t really follow the teams they just watch a few games. For us, we’re real fans. After Euro 2016, more people know Wales.”

Asking the fans about Welsh football legend and Real Madrid star Gareth Bale, the BBC reporter said, “many people in china love Gareth Bale but your hero is?”

“Chris Gunter!” The fans responded in unison.

The 2018 Gree China Cup International Football Championship is the second edition of the China Cup. The international competition will be held from 22 to 26 March 2018 in Nanning, Guangxi.