"The racial disproportionality HISP is justified."

A science fair project in a school in California has drawn controversy after questioning the IQ of non-whites.

According to the Daily Mail, a project carried out by Sacramento’s CK McClatchy High School concluded that non-white students have an inferior IQ to that of their white and northeast Asian peers.

Titled ‘Race and IQ’, the project was created as part of the school’s Humanities and International Studies Program (HISP) to determine whether non-white students could cope with its demands.

HISP teaches students about different cultures. Of the 508 students in the program, 12 are African-American, 80 are Hispanic and 104 Asian students; the rest are white.

“Non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians have an IQ advantage of fifteen points over blacks and Southeast Asians, and ten points over nonwhite Hispanics,” the study said.

Because of the alleged lower IQ of non-whites, the study concluded that “the racial disproportionality of HISP is justified”.

Century old source material was also used to argue that South African blacks were mentally inferior to South African whites.

The project was displayed at McClatchy’s science fair last Monday and was on show until Wednesday before it was removed after the school received complaints.

“I think that a lot of people, especially of color, are really hurt and upset by this,” said Chrysanthe Vidal, a senior in the HISP program to the Sacramento Bee.

Vidal added that the Asian student behind the project has a history of making racist comments.

“It’s just kind of shocking to think someone could enter into that program knowing that is what we are learning about and being so closed-minded,” said one McClatchy freshman.

Sacramento Unified school district spokesman Alex Barrios said the district is investigating the matter.

“No student should ever be made to feel that their race has anything to do with their ability to succeed,” Sacramento Unified school district superintendent Jorge Aguilar said.

In a letter to parents, principal Peter Lamber wrote, “I want to be clear that at McClatchy High School we promote and embrace an inclusive environment and way of thinking which excludes any form of discrimination”.

“I want you to know we are taking this incident very seriously and we will be reviewing the incident and implementing all measures as appropriate to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all of our students.”