"This is a doomed futile effort"

China’s Foreign Ministry has responded to CCTV’s Chinese New Year show that was slammed for ‘racist blackface’.

Earlier this week, CCTV was criticised for blackface during its annual Chinese New Year Gala. In a skit that was intended to celebrate Chinese-African ties, an Asian actress was seen in blackface with exaggerated buttocks.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has since issued a response to the criticism of the state television channel’s program.

Geng Shuang, Foreign Ministry spokesman said that it was “futile” to make an issue out of the program, according to The Asahi Shimbun.

“Recently many media, especially Western media, have reported on and commented on this matter,” said Geng. “I want to say that if there are people who want to seize on an incident to exaggerate matters, and sow discord in China’s relations with African countries, this is a doomed futile effort.”

Geng added that China and Africa have enjoyed a cooperative and successful relationship.

“How relations are between China and Africa and whether or not cooperation is good, African countries and the people of Africa know in their hearts exactly how things stand,” he said.