"Cringeworthy at best, completely racist at worst"

A Chinese New Year sketch on CCTV has been criticised for its “racist blackface”.

According to the BBC, the skit appeared on China’s biggest Lunar New Year TV show on state run television channel CCTV.

In the skit, an Asian actress is seen in blackface with exaggerated buttocks. The comedy routine was intended to celebrate Chinese-African ties but the use of makeup to represent black people has been deemed offensive.

African dancers are seen in tribal costumes whilst other people are dressed as zebras, giraffes, lions and antelopes. A young black woman asks a Chinese man to pretend to be her husband when he meets her mother, who is played by an Asian actor.

Walking on stage carrying a plate of fruit on her head, the actress is accompanied by a black actor in a monkey suit carrying a basket on his back.

According to the skit, Africans benefit from Chinese investment and are extremely grateful to Beijing. The African mother declares how much she loves China.

The skit was part of the annual four-hour CCTV New Year Gala, which has up to 800 million viewers. Some estimates declare it as the most watched entertainment programme int he world.

“CCTV’s racist show during Spring Gala shook me and made me so ashamed of China and my people,” wrote one Twitter user. “They literally had blackface on stage, had an African actor to play a monkey and a African actress yelling “I love China!” Racism is global y’all”

“It makes me feel like I’m living in the last century,” said another. “We are going to lose face internationally”.

Another comment read, “if an American white person painted yellow, says I love the USA and recites some Trump quotes while pulling his eyes, how would you feel?”

Last month, a Taiwanese YouTuber was slammed for using Nutella to create blackface, as was a Japanese TV show for its racist Eddie Murphy blackface.