Louis Li's video shows him rapping a line from NWA's 'F**k tha Police'

A Taiwanese YouTuber has apologised for videos of him in blackface and in a Nazi uniform.

Taiwan News reports that Taiwanese Youtuber Louis Li (李育群), 19, made the apology on Monday after he was called out by British vlogger Dr34mlucid.

On his Facebook page, Dr34mlucid slammed Li for racism towards black people and criticised YouTube for being “an alternate universe”.

“YouTube in Taiwan does not only support symbols of oppression it promotes them, while at the same time it suppresses anyone who speaks out against racism,” the British vlogger wrote.

In Li’s video from 31 July 2017, Li is seen smearing his face entirely with Nutella, saying that he feels black, shouting excitedly “Yo what’s up man!”. He goes on to rap a line from NWA’s ‘F**k tha Police’.

In a video posted on 9 December 2017, Li is seen in a Nazi uniform, holding a toy rifle. He is seen standing on a podium with the caption, “Hurry and say hello to the commander (heavens it feels like everyone is treating me like a saint)”. 

Li apologised publicly on Monday, addressing both controversial videos in Chinese and in English. “I realize some of my previous behavior had offended people and set a bad example, and for this I am really sorry,” Li writes. “I would like to take full responsibility for my mistakes, and to discourage my audiences from defending my actions by which harm has been caused”.

Discussing the blackface video, Li said he was inspired by the Ben Stiller comedy Tropic Thunder, writing, “I had seen a movie called “Tropic Thunder” which had a similar scene, and I admit I did not think about or consider the full scope of the racially-insensitive negative impression that the video would leave on my audience. But, having done so, I regret my actions and would like to apologize to everyone who has felt offended by my video.”

Li also defended his Nazi video, claiming it was not intended to glorify Nazism, but was merely an attack on YouTube. “I think it is important to say that my original idea for the costume was not in fact about Nazism at all, but was simply as a practical joke to the YouTube staff”.