"It was shaking and vibrating and the noise was getting louder and louder"

A Malaysia Airlines flight was forced to return to Australia after a technical issue caused the plane to “shake”, “vibrate” and “shudder”.

The BBC reports that flight MH122, which was travelling from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday when it was forced to turn back.

Carrying 224 people, the aircraft eventually landed safely at Alice Springs Airport at 17:48 local time.

A “loud bang” was occurred in the left engine, according to the airline. “This was followed by a warning indicator which appeared on the electronic aircraft monitoring system,” Malaysia Airlines said in a statement. “The captain then requested for the cabin crew to prepare for a normal landing.”

The airline had initially identified the problem only as “a technical fault on one of the aircraft’s engines”.

Passenger Sanjeev Pandev described his experience on board to the BBC. “It was shaking and vibrating and the noise was getting louder and louder” he explained. “Some people were praying and people had tears in their eyes. It was a really terrifying moment.”

He added that some of the staff appeared “nervous and terrified themselves” and instructed emergency procedures to the passengers.

The airline said there was “no chaos reported in the cabin”.

In October, passengers aboard an AirAsia flight panicked as staff began screaming when the aircraft plummeted 20,000 feet. AirAsia passengers in a separate incident were also “told to pray” by the pilot after the aircraft began shaking.