Tsang described the claims as “fake news”

Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang has denied raping Yammie Lam.

In a statement, Tsang refuted claims that he raped Lam in the 90’s, according to Vareity. The actress had made the accusations in a video first published by Hong Kong’s Next Magazine in 2013.

Tsang described the video as “fake news” and said the footage was “falsely edited”.

Lam had claimed that she was raped by two powerful Hong Kong actors – one had died before the magazine published the video and the other was muted.

According to Lam, the incident occurred when she was invited to visit a movie set in Singapore. Although she did not report the case to the police at the time, she requested the morning-after pill from the doctor.

Film producer Stephen Shiu and actress Carina Lau encouraged Lam to seek help from Lam in reporting the case to the police back in 2013, but it is unclear why.

On Weibo, former head of the Ford Modelling agency in Asia Grace Han said Lam’s allegation was not the first time Tsang had made unwanted sexual advances to women in showbiz. Han even alleged that Tsang spiked a model’s drink in a Hong Kong karaoke bar.