Temperatures reached -9°C on the day the photo was taken.

A boy whose hair froze during his 2.8 mile commute from home to school was only given 8,000 yuan by a charity that raised 500,000 yuan for him.

Wang Fuman, a primary school pupil in Yunnan, China, has been dubbed ‘Frost Boy’ after his head teacher shared an image of him with frozen hair, according to The Metro.

The 8-year-old’s hair reportedly froze during his 2.8-mile journey from his home to the school when temperatures reached -9°C.

500,000 yuan was raised for him by the local Zhaotong Youth Development Foundation after the picture was shared on social media. However, only 8,000 yuan actually reached his family. The rest of the funds will be used to help more fortunate pupils in the region, according to the Daily Mail.

Online commentators have argued over the decision. “This way the amount of money could benefit the future of more children,” one Weibo user wrote. “We still haven’t done enough work to help the poor,” another said.

Some argued that the money should not be redistributed as they were meant for Wang Fuman. Some feared the money simply ended up in the pockets of corrupted officials, the Mail reports.

Chen Furong, the head of Ludian Education Bureau, said Fuman was not given too much money in order to protect him. He said getting rich overnight is a “twisted manner of charity”.

Nonetheless, Wang told Shanghai-based publication The Paper, “I want to be a police officer to fight the bad guys. The journey to school is cold, but it’s not hard!”