The incident occurred at Beijing's Badaling Wildlife World

The daughter of a woman who was killed by a tiger at a Chinese zoo is suing the park.

The incident occurred when one woman got out of the car at the Siberian tiger enclosure at Beijing’s Badaling Wildlife World on July 23, 2016.. CCTV footage shows the woman getting out of the car and standing beside the vehicle, before being attacked and dragged away by a tiger.

Her mother, Zhao, was killed as she tried to help. Zhao was mauled to death by another tiger after she got out of the car, as park rangers frantically tried to intervene. The footage shows the rangers arriving promptly to the scene.

A man, who was also in the car with the women, was unhurt.

Tigers roam freely in the park but visitors sign an agreement to not leave their vehicles in the enclosure.

Yahoo News reports that Zhao’s daughter is now demanding that the park pay out compensation after failing to save her mother.

Zhao’s daughter claims she signed the agreement to not leave her vehicle without fully comprehending what it was. She claims she thought it was a registration to enter the park.

Initial investigations concluded that the incident was not caused by the park’s safety failures. Zhao’s daughter consequently filed a petition to the court,¬†demanding a 1.55 million yuan payout.

The case is now being carried out in Beijing. Meanwhile, the park’s tiger enclosure was shut down but reopened in November. Self-driving tours have been banned.