“Let’s not simply fight for inclusion, let’s set our bar higher"

Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park have called for Asian-American leaders in Hollywood.

Speaking at the 16th Annual Unforgettable Gala in Los Angeles, former CBS Hawaii Five-0 actors Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park expressed a need for more Asian leaders in the film and TV industry.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kim said at the event, “Let’s not simply fight for inclusion, let’s set our bar higher.”

“If you’re a leader, you never have to beg for a place at the table because you’re hosting the dinner.”

Park added, “it’s beyond race, gender, religion, age or class; it’s about humans flourishing. That is what we should be going after.”

Earlier this year Kim and Park left Hawaii Five-o following a salary equality dispute.

Also speaking at the event was 13 Reasons Why star Ross Butler, who said, “we have Asian-Americans playing non-stereotypical roles and roles that were not written for Asians, and this has just been happening in the past two or three years.”

“We need to stick to who we are and not compromise and play something that we’re not based on who the culture thinks we are,” he continued. “The next few years is going to define that and everything is going to change.”

A few months ago, Kim and his production company 3AD signed a two-year first look deal with ITV Studios America.