Neuhoff was a teaching assistant at the American university.

Neo-Nazi Mark Neuhoff has denied being a white supremacist, revealing that his wife is Asian.

In October 2017, students at Virginia Tech organised a demonstration to remove teaching assistant and neo-Nazi Mark Neuhoff according to It’s Going Down. It was revealed that Heuff was heavily involved in organising Alt-Right and neo-Nazi events.

Never Against Fascism claims Neuhoff was “posting his hatred, disguised as speech to members of White Live Matter, Vanguard America, Traditional Workers Party, Neo-Nazis, and European Far-Right extremists” on Facebook.

Now, in an interview with The Tab, Neuhoff has denied being a white supremacist. Neuhoff had reached out to The Tab after student Tori Coan shared a post written by him with the publication.

“I am a white supremacist,” Neuhoff had posted.“I believe that culture comes from race, that America is culturally Western, and that Western culture comes from whites/Europeans.”

In his interview with The Tab, Neuhoff stated what it means to be defined as a white supremacist, “the normal definition of white supremacist is a racist person who believes that one race is superior to others.”

However, Neuhoff claims that he does not fit this description. “I am not that at all,” he said. “I reject all of that. I’m completely unbiased, and I do not think people are inferior or superior.”

He goes on to reveal that he cannot be a white supremacist because his wife is Asian and his students are diverse. “My wife is Asian” Neuhoff said. “I have students who are of various racial backgrounds and none of them have any problems with me even though I’m sure lots of them have read the news.”

Nonetheless, Neuhoff still believes that a white majority should be making political decisions in the US and claims his wife is completely on board with it.

“She’s completely on board because that’s how it’s always been in America,” Neuhoff says. “She’s from Vietnam. She would say that you wouldn’t want a minority population who are coming to Vietnam to overtake the Vietnamese people as the key decision makers in society.”

“You’d want the Vietnamese people to be the key decision makers in that society. That’s not saying that no one else can do it. It should just be proportionate to your population in the society.”

Neuhoff also believes that minorities could make America unrecognisable. If people who have internalized American culture, who’ve assimilated American culture, if they become a minority and people who don’t internalize American culture increase in numbers then of course, the country’s going to be completely unrecognizable.”