"When he talks about guns and artillery he is really talking about business"

Trump fans in China have praised the American President in anticipation of his visit on Wednesday.

President Trump is due to make his first visit to China while in office on Wednesday to hold talks with Chinese leaders.

SCMP asked people on the streets of Beijing what they think of the US President.

“He’s an interesting person, more honest than Obama,” said Fei Danyang, a 42-year-old financial analyst. “He is no politician and has big ego…so his honesty is, in a disrespectful way, a bit self-righteous and ignorant of other people’s feelings.”

“For us it’s not much different from the [TV show] House of Cards. It’s like we [in China] are just like watching a fire from across a river,” he added. “The chaos is theirs. The more dramatic it gets, the more fun it is to watch.”

64-year-old retired military academy teacher Li Dongsheng complimented the US President’s style.

“As a 71-year-old man, he is spirited and energetic. He pushes beyond his own boundaries and he takes up new challenges. I admire him for that.” said Li. “He has an outgoing personality and hates losing…I think his mental age is quite young.”

However, the retiree disapproved of Trump’s decision to blame China for not condemning North Korea for its nuclear weapons program.

Zhang Yan, an employee at a Japanese company in Beijing said Ivanka Trump was popular in China and Japan. “She’s beautiful. She makes nice speeches. She is also doing well in politics and has a big influence,” said Zhang.

Yan also praised Ivanka for letting her daughter learn Mandarin.