"I lose my memory when I am drunk so you can cheat on me and I wouldn't know. What I don't remember can't hurt me."

A Singaporean woman has created a presentation on why people should date her, resulting in her inbox getting flooded.

Stomp reports that 26-year-old Kelly Lim put together her alternative dating profile in the form of presentation slides and posted them online.

In her post on Facebook, Lim shared the six-slide presentation titled “Why you should swipe right”, tagging dating apps such as Tinder, OKCupid, Bumble and Paktor. Her caption read, “Presenting to you my new dating app profile put together in 15 mins on a sick Sunday afternoon spent in bed”.

Lim introduces herself in a slide titled “Am I the real deal?”, stating that she is a Bachelor’s degree graduate who is waiting for acceptance into Medical school in the States. “I can help you keep your tracks clean if ever need to murder someone”, she wittily writes.

She goes on to reveal that she is in line to take over her 70-year-old family run funeral undertaking business, “so you don’t have to worry about [her] future”.

Having been featured in media such as Channel News Asia, Lim reassures her future partner that they wouldn’t need to worry about her cheating on them.

As her slides continue, so does her wit. “I own a car so you don’t have to send me home instead you just got yourself a personal Uber driver,” she writes in one slide.

After revealing she won a gold medal for Brazilian jiu jitsu in the Dumau Asian Opens, she writes, “many positions you see in jiu jitsu are similar to what you see in the bedroom so I can definitely keep up.”

“I work out regularly so I can look good with or without clothes,” she says in another slide.

Admitting she has weakness for alcohol, Lim’s final slide reads, “I lose my memory when I am drunk so you can cheat on me and I wouldn’t know. What I don’t remember can’t hurt me.”

Other examples of Lim’s humour are found in her self-made memes, including “All these clothes but u still can’t change” and “All these lines but u still not straight.”

Lim’s rather left-field attempt at finding a date seems to have paid off. Within one day, she reported receiving 236 inbox messages, of which she shared screenshots of.

“Due to the rise of my desirability i am unable to respond to all 236 of my messages,” she posted. “However i have quickly collated a few shots of the responses i received.”

“Your profile is the most EPIC one I have ever seen,” one person wrote to her. “hahaha SUPER got effort and awesome way for a self introduction.”

In fact, her response was so overwhelming that Lim shared another post showing her responses 8 hours later.

“As it seems i am extremely sought after at the moment but here is part 3 of my repartee,” she wrote. May the tales of my dating musings wow your Tuesday morning. Catch flights not feelings guys.”