"Guess what I just got?"

Samsung has mocked Apple and its brand new iPhone X in a new advert.

Titled Growing Up, the South Korean smartphone company’s new advert ridicules Apple’s shortcomings in their iPhones over the last 10 years.

Starting in 2007, the advert shows an excited iPhone owner calling his friends on his new Apple device saying, “guess what I just got?” The new fanboy is then seen frustrated at the device’s lack of expandable memory.

As the years go on, the iPhone user experiences further frustration with water damage and the eventual removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

His friend and avid Samsung user triumphs with her large-screen, waterproof, stylus note-taking and wireless charging phone instead.

The advert ends with the iPhone owner shelving his Apple device and exchanging it for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Walking past Apple users queueing up for the iPhone X, the new Samsung user sports a smug look before the tagline “Upgrade to Galaxy” closes the advert.