"Here's me with a load of chinkies, real-life chinkies."

A Scottish man has filmed himself shouting abuse at an Asian group.

The Mirror reports that the clip was shared on Twitter, with commenters branding the video as “racist”.

In the clip, the Scottish man holds up a camera facing him with a group of Asian people behind him walking beside two coaches.

“Here’s me with a load of chinkies, real-life chinkies,” the man says whilst laughing. He goes on to mumble incoherently, referencing their “squint eyes”.

The now-removed video was posted by a Twitter account with the username @_IamMunz and had been retweeted nearly 1000 times. The uploader captioned the video, “Wit the fucks wrong with me”.

Twitter user babasonicos71 said, “Racism…where the hard of thinking go to laugh.”

“Why be so rude to a whole bunch of people like that? And it’s not funny, either,” wrote Twitter user steviemanmuppet,

HeisenBear78 responded, “Yep. He’s obviously a drunken fool who thinks its acceptable to make racist comments to people minding their own business”.

It seems like the victims are part of a group as they are dressed uniformly in red overalls with a red and white emblem. However, it is unclear what group they are from or if they are visitors.

The clip is believed to have been filmed in Johnstone, Renfrewshire.

A police spokeswoman said “Anyone with concerns of online content should report it to Police Scotland on 101.”