"These people stole my life, my identity"

Sacramento police have made over 50 arrests related to robberies targeted towards Asian Americans.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Detective John Fan from Central Division said that more than 50 people were arrested in connection to robberies of Asian Americans since last summer – up 20 arrests reported by the department in October 2016.

However, District 6 police saw a 40% decrease in robberies, home-invasions and carjacking cases with Asian victims year-to-date.

“Know your neighbors and look out for each other,” Fan said. “This is one of the biggest reasons we’ve seen such a big decease in (robberies in) the Stockton Boulevard and Elder Creek area.”

Home invasions, robberies and carjackings against Asian Americans increased by 25% year-to-date in the Sacramento Police Department’s District 5.

Asian-American communities in Sacramento had raised alarms over the past year regarding the surge in armed robberies. 2,000 people signed a plea in September 2016 for the Sacramento City Council to help.

Language barriers reportedly deter victims from seeking help whilst others fear calling the police could result in retaliation by suspects.

Last June, two armed men kicked down Peter Chung’s front door of his Sacramento home and held him, his brother and mother hostage at gunpoint before ransacking their belongings. The men forced him and his family into a car and drove them to two banks and forced them to withdraw $8,000.

“These people stole my life, my identity,” Chung said Wednesday. “This is just the start, talking about it and releasing that shame.”

Antione Cisco and Reynaldo Eknar were arrested and convicted on kidnapping and robbery charges after the police were contacted.

Nextshark reports that Asian Americans in Sacramento have resulted in buying guns in response to the increase in robberies.