Victims in San Jose include an 85-year-old woman and a 65-year-old woman.

Criminals in San Jose and Sacramento have been targeting Asian Americans.

AsAm News reports that police in San Jose arrested a suspect who targeted East Indians and Asian women.

Police arrested Lawrence Carter on three counts of robbery, two counts of elder abuse, assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism.

In a video released by authorities, Carter can be seen pulling over and assaulting two elderly women, snatching a necklace off one lady’s neck.

The victims in the video are an 85-year-old mother and a 65-year-old sister-in-law visiting from Chicago.

The Sacramento Bee reports that robberies, carjackings and home invasions targeting Asian Americans had increased 25% year to date in Sacramento.

Asian-American communities in Sacramento had raised alarms over the past year regarding the surge in armed robberies. 2,000 people signed a plea in September 2016 for the Sacramento City Council to help.

The community took matters into their own hands by forming their own armed patrols through WeChat. The newly created Asian American Public Service Center said they were seeking advice from National Rifle Association representatives for proper firearm use training.

One victim reported being attacked en route home. He fought off attackers but they tracked him home and beat him up, hospitalising him.