"Go ahead and have your laugh"

A Halloween goer dressed up as Dr Dao, the passenger that was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight earlier this year.

Earlier this year, United asked several randomly selected passengers who were already boarded on a flight from Chicago to Louisville to disembark from the plane because too many tickets were sold. When 69-year-old Dr Dao refused, the airline called airport officials to drag him off the plane.

The controversial incident made headlines with Hollywood A-listers weighing in. John Cho connected the incident with then-newly elected President Trump.

“No one should be treated this way. This is unacceptable and need to be condemn. United was never my choice of airline, now they are black listed,”Donnie Yen wrote in a post at the time.

Six months later, Yohan Vang from Michigan decided to dress up as the United victim for Halloween. The Daily Mail reports that Vang’s outfit proved to be as controversial as the United incident itself.

A photo of the outfit was shared on social media. In the photo, Vang is seen being dragged by a woman in crayon costume, in a similar pose to that of Dr Dao. Like Dr Dao, his stomach is exposed with his sweatshirt pulled up, whilst his glasses have been knocked to the side of his face. Fake blood is seen dripping from his mouth.

“Y’all like my costume? Me as the United Airline passenger,” Vang wrote in the caption.

Surprisingly, many of the comments seemed to be complimentary. “Best Halloween costume hahaha,” wrote one commenter.

“Holy smokes people are amazing. This is the only reason to have the internet,” added another.

Other commenters reportedly called him ‘creative,’ ‘genius,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘savage, and ‘too good. Another wrote guiltily: “I feel terrible… but this is hilarious!! Brilliant!”

“I would leave every party and bar being dragged by a friend dressed as TSA,” one person commented.

Some found the costume tasteless, with one person writing, “This man was forcibly dragged off! the flight due to it being “overbooked” and as a result he fainted due to that; Not funny to me at all it being mimicked but go ahead & have your laugh. [sic]”