"No need for the prosthetics on your eyelids... You could have done without yellowfacing."

David Walliams has been slammed for his ‘racist’ Kim Jong-un Halloween costume.

The Daily Mail reports that Walliams sported a black suit and red lapel pins to portray North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un as well as previous leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il. The Little Britain actor also wore prosthetics on his eyes and changed his skin tone.

Walliams had chosen the costume for Jonathan Ross’ annual Halloween bash on Tuesday night.

Sharing an image of his costume on Instagram, Walliams attracted a number of comments branding him “racist” for “yellowfacing” and “cultural appropriation”.

Happy Halloween from Kim Jong-un.

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Many criticised Walliams for yellowfacing. “You’re gonna be the f**king cause to ww3… No need for the prosthetics on your eyelids… You could have done without yellowfacing…” One user wrote.

Another commented, It is funny, and I loved Walliams. Just feel like it’s a backwards world… Disgusting… Inappropriate… Not gonna lie, I’ve got a bit of a problem with yellow face for Halloween. Would you black up as well in the spirit of ‘oh it’s just a bit of fun for Halloween?’ If not, this is also not ok.”

“Regardless of how deserving Kim Jong un is of parody… However I am also mad that quit many of you think Kim Jung eun is kinda joke for using this… Yellowfacing. Not cool. Even on Halloween…” a commenter wrote.


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Others slammed the comedy for his tasteless choice of costume considering the North Korean’s dictatorial regime. “Well you may say, it is just a costume. But He is dictator and killed so many people in Korea and trying to start a war. Koreans are aware that not to spend him as a comedy or something. Do you do a Hitler for a funny joke for Halloween?”

“No. Once, I mean so many people’s tragedy cannot be the joke. I am sorry ruining your feeling. However I still don’t get this costume,” wrote another.

However, some were supportive of Walliam’s costume. “Wooow! Best costume I’ve seen so far… hold on… it is a costume, right?… You win Halloween 2017… WowwHappy Halloween you look like him…”

“Nailed it! This wins the internet!… Suits you sir suits you lol… That is brilliant, good way to take the pee out of a mind twisted ruler… you’re hilarious David… Bloody hell that’s brilliant. So funny… We’ll probably be assassinated for saying it but… brilliant!…”

Some didn’t believe Walliams had done anything to his eyes. “Best. Costume. Ever… wearing small eyes? his eyes have always been like that. he dresses like kim jong un, so? i do not see it as a racist action. if someone dresses like the Muhammad Ali, and he’s african american, does that mean he’s a racist?”

Walliams was also pictured with fellow British comedians Michael McIntyre, Alan Carr, John Bishop and Keith Lemon.

With @chattyman

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