"Unfortunately our message on social media was tone deaf."

The San Jose Giants have apologised for the team’s Japanese American Heritage tweet that many called racist.

CBS reports that the team had posted the now-deleted short video on Twitter to commemorate their Japanese American Heritage Night.

In the clip, three men were seen dressed in traditional Japanese robes. One is seen doing karate kicks, the other is seen bowing and the other is seen fanning himself.

The video was tweeted two weeks ago but was deleted on Wednesday morning due to the backlash from critics who called the the clip out for racism.

“This is super racist and tacky,” responded on user on Twitter.

“Casual Asian racism is still racism. The @sjgiants need to correct this immediately,” said another.

 “Take this down, it’s incredibly offensive and racist,” tweeted another.

“They’ll just make these mistakes over and over again,” said Tom Oshidari Co-President of the Japanese American Citizens League’s San Jose chapter. “It’s something that we’ll just have to keep fighting.”

“The offense is in the eye of the offended. So if somebody is offended, you offended them,” Oshidari added. “You can’t just pass it off and say ‘I didn’t mean it, I didn’t know.’ You know? ‘Just give me a break.’”

Representatives from the team have since tweeted an apology. “Unfortunately our message on social media was tone deaf… and we deeply apologize to those we have offended and apologize that our content released on social media did not represent the intention and spirit of the event.”

However, Oshidari was not happy with response. When asked if the apology changed his opinion of the team he said, “I don’t think so. I think it’s a minor mistake. Hopefully, they’ll do better going forward.”

The minor league baseball team’s Japanese American Heritage Night also featured Taiko drummers and calligraphy lessons, but both were described as a success by CBS.