"Sorry trolls but the artist always wins in the long run."

Adam Wingard, the director of Netflix’s anime inspired Death Note, has deleted his Twitter account after receiving death threats.

Controversy surrounding Wingard’s film had already been plentiful. Upon the release of the film’s first trailer, critics slammed the production for whitewashing. Whats more, fans of the original manga and anime were pessimistic that the live-action Netflix film would do the legacy justice.

Achieving a 41% “rotten” score on Rotten Tomatoes, the film failed to redeem itself after its release. Resonate writer James Spalton described Wingard’s film as “an inferior adaptation of a fan favourite manga”.

Things don’t seem to have improved for Wingard who has battled with critics online, attacking him on Twitter. Initially, Wingard held is own and fought off his online “trolls”. In a now deleted Tweet, Wingard wrote,“Sorry trolls but the artist always wins in the long run.” Retweeting the same tweet, Wingard added “I love how many people feel personally attacked by this tweet. Its almost like troll bait. Those that bite expose themselves [sic]”.

However, it now seems that online criticism from Twitter users has become too much for the director. 1428 Elm reports that Wingard received numerous death threats that began even before the Death Note script was completed. As a result, Wingard has now deleted his Twitter account, according to 1428 Elm.