One of the dolls on offer was modelled on Wonder Woman, complete with a sword and shield.

A Chinese company rented out sex dolls has suspended its service following the negative controversy it attracted.

The BBC reports that Touch offered five different sex doll types for daily or long term rent. The service was launched on Thursday but was quickly withdrawn after it received complaints and criticism.

Touch said it “sincerely apologised for the negative impact” in a statement on Weibo and stressed sex was “not vulgar”.

In an email to the BBC, a company spokesperson said, “we prepared ten dolls for the trial operation, but it’s really hard in China.”

The company added that it had originally intended to make silicone dolls more affordable but resulted in attracted negative controversy, including controversy with the police.

Sex dolls were offered for a daily fee of 298 yuan. Models were marketed as Chinese, Korean and Russian women. One doll was modelled on Wonder Woman, complete with a sword and shield.

According to its statement, Touch will pay out compensation to users with double the amount they had paid as a deposit for one of their dolls.

Touch hopes to pay more attention to its “social duty” and will promote a “healthier and more harmonious sex lifestyle”.