3 people were killed and 16 injured when an MTA bus and charter bus collided in Queens.

Following a deadly bus accident in New York, racist comments were made towards Chinese people.

ABC 7 reports that 3 people were killed and 16 injured after an MTA bus collided with a charter bus.

The incident occurred in Queens at Main Street and Northern Boulevard in Flushing at 0615 local time. The Dahlia charter bus allegedly ran a red light before colliding with the Q10 bus.

“It was bad, it was really bad,” witness Mike Ramos said. “I felt the vibrations shake my truck…I saw a guy with a cracked head, a cracked skull open. I saw guys bleeding all over the place…When I ran across the street, there was a woman pinned, screaming in the back of the city bus. I guess she was one of the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.”

In a video posted on Facebook by Perry Stacks, people surrounding the aftermath of the incident are heard shouting racist comments including “Chinese people can’t drive.” According to Stacks, the comments were being hurled at Asians who were not able to understand them.

Stacks questions why there was so much negativity considering people had just died in the incident.

In his post, Stacks writes, “In spite of the major accident on Main St and Northern Blvd today (https://tinyurl.com/yaty6oho). These two guys went off on their racist comments saying Chinese people can’t drive and other racist remarks in front of asians who couldn’t understand them.”

“After the 5-6th time it was enough. Like seriously a few people just died and many were injured. We don’t need that racist negativity here. Although violence is not the answer, I was really heated in the moment. #stopracism #weareallequal”