"The bites may have dried but the scars may be there to stay."

Singapore Airlines has responded after a passenger travelling in business class was bitten by bed bugs.

As reported by Stomp, a passenger named Yvonne was flying from Brisbane to Singapore on flight SQ 246 on 26 May when the incident occurred.

Yvonne told Stomp that she was woken from her sleep during the red-eye flight after feeling a sudden itch on her legs, which she claims were from bed bugs.

“I was wearing pants so I didn’t see the bites until I went to the washroom,” she said.

The passenger then informed a stewardess who tended to her and took photos of the bites. She told Yvonne that she would report the incident and get back to her.

Yvonne heard nothing from the airline a few weeks after. She then posted on the carrier’s Facebook page and emailed them directly.

“I received an email from them telling me that they were happy to reimburse my ‘basic medical fees’ but when I replied for clarification, I received no reply,” she explains.

Since, Yvonne has sent the airline emails every week, with her last message being sent last week. She has not yet received a direct response.

However, a Singapore Airlines spokesman did respond to Stomp’s queries, saying:

“We have been in contact with the customer regarding her experience and take such feedback seriously. During the flight, our crew provided antiseptic wipes and cream to the customer, and there was subsequent follow-up to offer to reimburse medical expenses that she may have had”

“We wish to assure our customers that our aircraft undergo regular cleaning. In addition to cleaning that takes place after each flight, there is a scheduled programme of regular deep cleaning as well as for pest treatment on all of our aircraft.”

Yvonne says that whilst the bites have dried, there are still scars remaining on her skin.

“I am unable to wear skirts or shorts without getting questions from friends and looks from passers-by. The bites may have dried but the scars may be there to stay.”