"I am not racist"

A Canadian woman in Vancouver was seen racially abusing an elderly Asian couple on a public train.

In a video posted by Ashley Klassen on Facebook, the woman can been heard yelling at the Filipino couple before other train passengers intervene. “This is probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Unfiltered Vancouver racism,” Klassen wrote.

The Huffington Post reports that the incident occurred on Monday. The unidentified woman began shouting at the couple who were speaking Tagalog, because she felt they were talking too loudly.

When the male explained it was normal for people to talk to loudly in the Philippines and apologised, she responded, “I was born and raised right here. Go back to the fucking Philippines.”

A number of passengers can be heard defending the elderly couple, with one teenager telling the abusive woman to, “get the fuck off the train,” calling her a racist.

“I am not racist. I asked them to talk a little lower,” the woman said.

The woman exited the train before police officers arrived.

Paula Correa, who is also Filipino, told local radio station CKWX that she shared the video of the incident on social media to expose fellow Canadians to what happened.

who, like the couple is also Filipino, said she posted a video of the encounter on social media because she wanted her fellow Canadians to see what happened.

“Social media provides an illusion that these things happen in other places, in other countries ― in the USA, for example,” she said.

“But it can happen in the very place we call our home and it does happen and it did happen.”

The woman has been identified as a 75-year-old woman “known to police for documented anger related issues in the past.”

An investigation has been launched.