A counterfeit pair of '550's will cost you 999 RMB

A fake Yeezy store has popped up in China selling counterfeit ‘trademark’ trainers.

Mashable reports that the unofficial store is operating in Wenzhou and sells only Yeezy knockoffs.

Owner of the store, Mr Hu, had registered the trademark to Yeezy in 2013, making the use of the name for his store valid.

“Some time ago, the relevant authorities have ruled that the Yeezy trademark, which we registered with our company, is valid,” he told the China Network.

A legal representative from LegalHoop confirmed with Mashable that the trademark was registered in 2013 across several categories.

The Kanye West shoes stocked in Yeezy Wenzhou are undoubtedly fake and are not even replicated identically. Original Yeezy shoes carry the letters ‘SPLY-350’ in reverse. Shoes sold at the counterfeit store read ‘Yeezy-550’.

China Media

Whats more, these knockoffs aren’t even cheap. Shoes in the store sell for an average of $151 (999 yuan). Authentic Yeezys cos around $200.

Nevertheless, the store does look somewhat authentic and certainly presents itself as a decent sneaker store.

We wonder what Kanye would make of this though.