The signal 10 typhoon was the worst storm in the city since 2012

Chow Yun-Fat has been spotted in Hong Kong helping clean up the aftermath of Typhoon Hato.

Yesterday’s typhoon, named Typhoon Hato, reached a maximum signal level of 10. It was the worst storm Hong Kong as seen since Typhoon Vicente in 2012.

Most took refuge in their homes, sealing their windows with tape to avoid the devastating storm that reached 207 kmph. Trees were uprooted and debris was caught in the gusts of winds.

Hong Kong Observatory reported water levels at 3.6m recorded at Quarry Bay.

Of course, many stayed indoors to avoid adverse weather. However, some have ventured out to clean up the city. One of these unsung heroes was none other than movie star Chow Yun-Fat.

In a picture posted to Instagram, a fan posted a picture with the actor under the caption: “I met Chow Yun Fat who was helping to remove a fallen tree blocking the road during the typhoon. Please be careful!”

Apple Daily reports that the 62-year-old actor was returning home when he encountered the road obstruction in Kowloon and decided to get out of his car and help to clear the road.