The bigger your breasts, the bigger your discount

A seafood restaurant in China is offering discounts to women based on bra size.

Qianjiang Evening Post reports that Trendy Shrimp restaurant at a mall in Hangzhou is offering discounts for women depending on their cup size. Those with bigger busts are eligible for bigger discounts.

The seafood restaurant offers a 5% discount for those with A cups whilst those with G cups are offered a whopping 65% discount.

Locals had complained to the council after seeing posters for the restaurant. One advert showed a line-up of cartoon women dressed in their underwear with the slogan “The whole city is looking for BREASTS”.

One passerby named Ms Zhu told reporters, “This content is vulgar advertising. In addition, I think it is discriminatory against women.”

The posters have since been removed but Trendy Shrimp general manager Lan Shenggang defended their marketing strategy.

“Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20%,” he said. “Some of the girls we met were very proud – they had nothing to hide.”

Customers can claim discounts from waitresses rather than male staff in order to “avoid embarrassment”, Lan added.

“Of course we also hear some negative comments. It is normal. Some of the older men and women feel that this is not appropriate and there are some of course that have made some malicious comments,” he continued.

In January 2015, a restaurant in Henan rewarded “good looking” customers whilst another restaurant in Chongqing offered discounts for overweight men and thin women.