“I had to put myself in harms way”

Geoff Ho, who was branded a hero after confronting the London Bridge terrorists, has raised thousands of pounds for charity.

The martial arts expert and journalist was amongst the 48 people injured in the London Bridge terrorist attack on 5 June. Trying to protect a bouncer, Ho was stabbed in the neck and rushed off to hospital.

After spending over a week in hospital, Ho gave a live television interview, recounting the incident for the first time.

“I got stabbed firstly in the throat,” Ho recalls. “Then they tried to stab me in the stomach… The knife blade which came at my throat severed the Adam’s apple.”

To facilitate eating, speaking and swallowing, Ho now has to put pressure on his throat.

Recalling first seeing the terrorists, Ho said, “I saw what looked like suicide vests. I knew I had to put myself in harms way, otherwise they’d just go on a killing spree.”

“I tried to buy the police time. I knew they were in the area,” Ho added. “I’d do it again in an instant.”

Describing the terrorists, Ho said, “All I saw in their eyes was rage. They were animals. There wasn’t any calculation in it. You could they just wanted to hurt as many people as possible. They didn’t care about life.”

After seeing the viral footage of himself being escorted away to an ambulance, Ho said, “I will never forget seeing the video of myself walking over the bridge, bleeding. I wish my parents had never seen that.”

Ho concluded, “I don’t think of myself as a hero I just wanted to do the right thing and protect my friends. I think I did that.”

Azeem Rasool, Ho’s friend, set up a GoFundMe page after Ho was admitted to hospital. The Express quotes Rasool saying, “Geoff Ho is a true hero who during the London attack fought with the attackers when they tried to harm innocent people. He was injured due to his bravery but is recovering.”

“He is a courageous individual who did not fail anyone and his actions probably saved more people from getting injured.”

The page has raised more than £7,300, which will be donated to the Red Cross and Air Ambulance Service.