US musician Mylets and concert organiser HIdden Agenda's founder were also arrested

British band TTNG and US musician Mylets have been arrested in Hong Kong due to visa offences.

The BBC reports that TTNG were raided by police and immigration officers at a warehouse venue where they were performing.

Hui Chung-wo, founder Hidden Agenda concert organisers, was also arrested. The company has had a history of licence issues.

Seven immigration officers came to detain the group according to comments on the promoters’ Facebook page. Police cars allegedly arrived with officers in riot gear and police dogs.

The BBC reports that the British Council has been providing support for several Brits who were arrested in Hong Kong. Hong Kong police confirmed the detentions but have not given further details.

TTNG could be charged with working without a permit and Hidden Agenda could be charged with hiring bands illegally, as stated by Hong Kong immigration law.

Under the laws, offenders could be punished with prison offences of several years and hefty fines.

TTNG and Mylets were on a tour of Asia at the time and were due to play in Guangzhou on Tuesday, followed by gigs in Beijing and Shanghai.