"Being treated like a queen was amazing"

Kelly Hu has discussed The Scorpion King, 15 years later, recalling fond memories with Dwayne Johnson.

The Scorpion King was released on April 17, 2002, making this year its 15th anniversary. The historical fantasy film marked both Dwayne Johnson’s and Kelly Hu’s first leading roles.

Speaking to Resonate, Hu reflected on the pinnacle moment in her career and shared the challenges of auditioning for the role.

As ‘the Sorceress’, Hu’s character in the film did not specifically require an Asian actress. “[The director and producers] were not looking for Asians,” Hu reveals. “Every girl in the world seemed to be going up for this role. There were girls who had never acted before, Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and Victoria Secret models. The casting call was enormous!”

Hu adds that she auditioned 6 times before getting the role, testing twice in full costume. “They made special clothing just for our screen tests like the chainmail and all that stuff.”

In keeping with her character, Hu herself was well looked after on set. “It was all together an amazing experience. It was the first time I had the lead role in a film. Just to be able to have that experience and being treated like a queen was amazing.”

“There were people whose job it was to hold an umbrella over me so i didn’t get too much sun in between shots. It was kind of ridiculous. it gives you a sense of grandure when you’re number one or number two on the call sheet.”

Recently, Dwayne Johnson also discussed The Scorpion King’s 15th anniversary, sharing his memories of shooting the film.

Speaking about Kelly Hu, Johnson said “She’s an awesome girl, good buddy of mine. she’s from Hawaii, she was phenomenal in this role, obviously beautiful. She was the best, loved working with her.”

When asked about working with ‘The Rock’, Hu said, “Dwayne was amazing. [The Scorpion King] was his first really big film. He’d done The Mummy before but he had a small role. This is what launched him into this tiny little career now,” she says sarcastically,  “He’s got this kind of charisma that young children love him. grandmothers love him and everyone in between. He’s just a likeable guy, nobody hates him.”


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