The video features theme songs from 12 of Disney's films

For many of us, Disney was a really big part of our childhood. From ‘Cinderella’ to ‘Mulan’, to ‘Frozen’, we like to reminisce and remember all the stories and characters which have endeared themselves in to our hearts.

In this video Singaporean Chinese group ‘The TENG Ensemble’ has brought a new lease of life to old Disney songs by combining modern western instruments with lesser known Asian instruments such as the sheng (a reed instrument with pipes) and the guzheng (a Chinese plucked-string instrument) to create this fantastic fusion of Eastern and Western styles of music.

Teng Ensemble expertly play their instruments together giving us a chance to enjoy a  new arrangement of our favorite Disney songs. In total there are 12 of Disney’s films in this video, each featuring a beloved Disney Princess. Can you name them all?