The victim described her attacker as a "caucasian looking man"

A Chinese-Australian woman was attacked by a racist man who shouted “get out of my country”.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a Chinese-Australian woman named Lina was punched in the face in what is being described as a “severe racial attack”.

The incident reportedly took place outside a Sydney shopping mall. Lina was waiting to cross a road outside Burwood Plaza when her attacker confronted her shouting “get out of my country”.

Lina tried walking away but her attacker continued to abuse her before punching her in the face. Lina was left with blood pouring from her face. Witnesses tried stopping the attack by beeping their horns but the assailant only turned to hit their cars.

SBS quoted one witness who described how the attacker banged on her car as she beeped at him. The witness told the news agency that she had her children with her so had to continue driving. When she parked, she returned to help.

“When I told my kid that I want to go back and check, they were a bit scared. I said ‘we can’t leave the poor girl alone.’”

The witness who left her details with Lina said she found her surrounded by people and covered in blood.

“I was wondering why it’s been so long yet the police still haven’t contacted me?”

Even if it is not considered as a racial attack, I think we still need to be concerned. I hope my [evidence] can help the police to fast track the case.”

The Daily Mail adds that Lina was able to call emergency services and was treated by passers-by before the police arrived.

According to the news source, the attacker has been described as being aged between 55 and 65 years old, thin and between 173 and 178cms tall. He reportedly has blonde, grey hair and was wearing a light coloured t-shirt, grey or blue trousers and was wearing glasses.