A message from the Editor

Resonate has come a long way since we began just shy of 8 months ago but none of it would be possible without the support of the incredible women we have interviewed.

In an ideal world, we shouldn’t need a specific day to appreciate women – they should be cherished 365 days of the year – but regressive gender imbalances continue to plague our society. Consequently, we must all stand together in solidarity and fight for equality and bring these issues to light.

At Resonate we fight against discrimination towards the global East Asian community. Whether it be in film, television or even in everyday life, we put a spotlight on these incidents so we can battle against discrimination and strengthen our global community. However, we also hold a zero-tolerance stance against any form of discrimination including that of gender.

It remains shocking and somewhat disturbing that gender imbalances prevail as blatantly as they do today. No woman (or man for that matter) should ever be marginalised due to their ethnicity, class, sexuality or disability. International Women’s Day reminds us that there are women around the world who are continue to be subjected to imbalances and discrimination that should be long-outdated – it’s up to us to stand together to forge a better working world.

For us at Resonate, we look back at all of the fantastic women we’ve had the honour of interviewing since we began back in mid-2016. Each of these incredible women contribute invaluably to our society in their own respective fields and their strength serves as a testament to the ridiculousness of the existence of gender inequality.

Thanks to:
Sonoya Mizuno
Harriet Sugarcookie
Liberté Chan – KTLA 5
Katie Leung
Gemma Chan
Krista Marie Yu,
Mia Kang 姜美兒
Fifi Rong
Grace Chin
Asian American Millennials Unite’s Helena Berbano
The Here and Nao’s Naomi Ji
Ophelia Chong
Christine Choy

We would also like to take this opportunity to highlight the unparalleled talent of our female writers. Each of you have made Resonate possible and your contributions form the pillars of our website. All of you offer unique skill sets, built from extremely varied and fascinating life experiences. We cannot thank you all enough and we are incredibly proud to have you all on our team.

Thanks to:
Abbi Clark
Alice King
Amelia Enberg
Anson Ling
Aurelius Zi
Casey Tran
Claire Feeney
Erin Chew
Gabby Wong
Janine Palencia
Jessie Huang
Joie Ha
Jubilee Pham
Julie Ae Kim
Ka Man Mak
Kate Chan
Katelyn Hemmeke
Lilian Tsang
Louisa Ling
Lucy Sheen
Olivia Thompson
Oyku Ataman
Ria Cagampang
Sara Hayden
Sarah Maclen-Morris
Sarah Roxanne Sim
Sarina Wang
Sue Zhao
Susan Gardiner
Tracey Sidney

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