A 15% discount is being offered to those who give up their licences

Elderly drivers in Japan are being offered funeral service discounts if they surrender their licences.

As reported by the BBC, Japanese authorities are trying to discourage the elderly from driving. A number of accidents involving elderly drivers confusing the accelerator and brake pedals were recently reported.

In Aichi Prefecture, the latest initiative has been to offer a funeral discount in exchange for surrendering their driving licence. A company in the prefecture that runs 89 funeral homes is reportedly offering a 15% discount for those who give up their licence.

To be eligible for the discount, the person in question must provide evidence that their licence was handed in at a local police station. The discount offered can also be extended to family members – even those who live outside the prefecture.

The Japan Times reported that there were almost 4.8 million licence holders over the age of 75 in 2015, which is twice as many than the decade before. The number of fatal collisions involving elderly drivers also increased over this period.

Other discounts offered elsewhere in Japan to deter the elderly from driving include cheaper taxi rides or discounted entry to public baths.

In November, elderly locals of Aichi were offered discounted noodles to surrender their driving licence.