The takeaway web series premiered last week

British Chinese comedy Jade Dragon has just released 5 new episodes.

Written by Rebecca Boey, the 19-episode mockumentary web series centres around a TV crew documenting a British Chinese takeaway. The TV crew visits Jade Garden takeaway, hoping to document a ‘typical’ Chinese takeaway, the natural habitat of the Chinese person. To the crew’s dismay, Jade Dragon and its staff prove to be as English as a Yorkshire pudding.

By using comedy, the series hopes to shed light on the everyday casual stereotyping and racism experienced by East Asians in a light-hearted and non-confrontational manner.

“We expose the issues but don’t judge,” says Boey.  “it is up to the viewers to make the judgement for themselves.”

The first five episodes were released online on 27 February 2017. Now, the series has added five new episodes to its channel:

Episode 6 – Eurasian
Episode 7 – Call the Triad
Episode 8 – The Dragons of Death
Episode 9 – Prawn Crackers
Episode 10 – The Audition

For more information about Jade Dragon, click here.