Penang born Vanessa Yeap was in her late 30s

A Singapore Airlines air stewardess was found dead in a San Fransisco hotel room.

According to the Inquirer, Penang-born Vanessa Yeap was due to depart from the California city on the return leg of a long-haul flight.  The SIA stewardess was found dead in her room hours before she was due to leave.

Ms Yeap was a leading stewardess on the flight which went from Singapore to San Fransisco with a stopover at Hong Kong according to an anonymous cabin crew member.

One source reported that Ms Yeap was not feeling well when the cabin crew arrived in San Fransisco, around two days before the return flight was scheduled.

The return flight from San Fransisco to Singapore was scheduled for 1am on Wednesday 1 February. The crew was due to check out from the hotel at around 10-11pm on Tuesday 31 January.

When Ms Yeap failed to meet the other crew members at the lobby, her colleagues went to check on her only to find her dead in her room. The crew tried to resuscitate her but were not able to revive her.

The Straits Times believes Ms Yeap was with the airline for around 15-20 years. She was believed to be single but was planning to get married.

Ms Yeap’s brother is on his way to San Fransisco to claim the body.