"It took us two and a half years to complete the new family tree"

More than 500 relatives with the same ancestor posed for one family photo in China.

The photo was taken in a village called Shengzhou, Zhejiang, in front of basalt formations. People’s Daily reports that the photo was taken during the Spring Festival holiday.

Those photographed are from the 25th to the 31st generation of the same ancestor. Now residing in various parts of China including Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and Xinjiang, they are among 1000 people with the surname ‘Ren’. The extensive family reunited on 31 January 2017 to mark the completion of the family tree.

It took us two and a half years to complete the new family tree,” Xinhua quoted Mr Ren Tuanjie, party chief of the village, as saying. “During Spring Festival, we like to bring all the family members together so as to let our ancestors know where they are.”

He added: “China is moving towards modernity, but Chinese people’s roots in their native land never disappear. Wherever they go, descendants from one family have always got something to bring them together.”