A sushi feast for the eyes and belly!

It’s official, I’ve found my sushi heaven in Hong Kong. Those of you who have visited Hong Kong will know that there is no shortage of sushi restaurants. From your fast-food style sushi chains such as Sen-ryo and Genki to sushi fine-dining types like Nobu and Sushi Shikon, there is plenty of variety. It would be absurd to say that this is THE BEST sushi restaurant in Hong Kong (as there are so many!) but Sushi Hiro is definitely in my top five. Don’t be fooled by its humble and cozy interiors because the sushi here is anything but average.

We booked in advance and as soon as we arrived, we were ushered to a table near the window. The service is extremely attentive and we were spoilt with lovely aperitivos immediately after we sat down. Other than the complimentary green tea that was always on offer in Japanese restaurants (only in Hong Kong), we were also given shot glasses of peach sparkling wine to stimulate our appetites. Each of us was given two bite-size appetizers, which included a cube of silken tofu topped with salmon roe and a juicy slice of duck soaked in a light soya sauce. Although we didn’t order these, they were a delightful surprise and got our bellies ready for more!

We were overwhelmed with options as we browsed Sushi Hiro’s  extensive menu, they had a menu for sushi/sashimi and another for cooked food such as tempura and grilled meats. We decided to order an array of dishes to share between us, including an assortment of sushi recommended by the chef, chirashi bento (a selection of sashimi accompanied by rice), teriyaki beef and a tempura set. First to arrive was the chirashi, a personal favourite of mine and the enticing presentation did not disappoint. The bento box is filled with rice, vegetables and no less than eight types of seafood (tuna, scallop, prawn, salmon roe, abalone, sea urchin, cuttlefish and amberjack). Each piece of sashimi was cut with precision and fresh.

The sushi selection arrived soon after and we were greeted with more of the same seafood with two additions: omelet nigiri and grilled eel nigiri. Although the selection was more or less the same as the chirashi bento, we weren’t complaining because the seafood was so delicious. However, if you would like to try more variety then you can find plenty of other fish in the sea…I mean menu!

Sushi Hiro’s cooked dishes were equally impressive. The tempura set included prawn, soft-shell crab, fish and some vegetables fried in a light and crispy batter. It also came with six pieces of sushi and soup on the side. We only wished that the tempura portion was slightly bigger because it was a bit of a struggle to divide the goodness between four of us. Teriyaki beef is one of the staple dishes in Japanese cuisine and Sushi Hiro did it justice. The thinly sliced beef was cooked to medium rare and very succulent. We were given an eggy dipping sauce for the beef but it could easily go without it.

To complete the meal, we had a selection of green tea, black sesame and yuzu ice-cream. At this point, our stomachs were fully satisfied and couldn’t possibly eat more. The final bill came up to around $2000 Hong Kong Dollars which is around £222 (i.e £55.50 per person). It was an expensive affair but if you are looking for sushi with a wow factor, this is the place to go!

Address: 10/F, Henry House, 42 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Other locations: 100 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

All photos by the author.