The incident occurred at YD outlet in Melbourne Central shopping mall

A store assistant at YD outlet in Melbourne Central called an Asian-Australian customer a ‘stupid Asian bitch’ whilst asking her to leave.

Reported by Netshark, customer Jaya Li-Ngyuen was browsing through items in the outlet store when the incident occurred. Ngyuen posted on Melbourne Central’s Facebook page that the store assistant said, “Do not touch the pile, it’s really hard to fold the clothes, tell me which size you want and I will get it.”

Ngyuen told the assistant she wanted to see the styles herself before being stopped again. When asked for the store manager’s name, the assistant viciously snapped back, “make a complaint if you want, LEAVE NOW YOU STUPID ASIAN BI*CH!”

“I was totally shocked, what kind of rude, indecent and RACIST customer servive [sic]did I just experice [sic] from this well known company in Melbourne Central?!”, Nguyen writes. When Ngyuen tried snapping the photo in the post, the store manager grabbed her wrists yelling “you are under arrest!”

Ngyuen’s Facebook post has been shared over 5,600 times.

Melbourne central has since responded to the incident, saying a report has been issued to the Victoria Police. Melbourne Central is committed to providing an environment where all of our visitors feel welcome. The customer has informed us that she has reported the incident to Victoria Police. We are currently reviewing CCTV footage to see if we can assist police further in their enquiries.”

YD released the following statement too, “YD is aware of the incident that took place at our Melbourne Central store on the 29th December. We are giving this issue our full attention and working with all parties involved to investigate the incident fully. Racism should never be tolerated, and YD has been and always will be against discrimination of any kind. We have apologized to the customer involved and we are currently working with both the customer and the in-store team member to reach a positive and constructive resolution.”